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Sky Sea Flower Plant
Night Scene Room and Interior Animal Sport

3000 Free Stock Photo Gallery of Japan

Welcome to "Japan Photos Futta.NET"

This website is a big digital photo gallery of various sceneries of Japan, France, Italy, Thailand and others.
You can download and use 3000 high resolution stock photos in various applications.

Terms of Use (License) for Foreigners (Non-Japanese)

All pictures of over 5GB were taken by my family and me.
The license of the pictures is similar to "Public-Domain", "Royalty-Free" and "Copyright-Free".
If you agree the following "Terms of Use", you can use the photographic images for free as you want.
1) You CAN use our photos for personal or commercial purposes. ( Examples: Online business. Advertising photography. )
2) You CAN edit and modify our pictures.
3) You CAN use our images without the attribution "Futta.NET".
4) You CAN redistribute the printed matter that our graphics were printed on.
5) You CANNOT redistribute our photographs as digital data. ( Examples: Internet. CD/DVD. )
6) You CANNOT place the direct links to the photos, except for the links to html pages.
7) You NEED to be careful about using the images that contain human faces, logos, trademarks, characters, products and so on.
8) We are not liable for any damage that arises when using our stock photos and the website.
9) We reserve the right to modify these "Terms of Use" at any time.


There are few people who know this website in your country.
If you like this website, I am glad that you introduce it to people in your country. Thank you.

Users in Japan

These pics have been used in "Japanese famous TV programs, magazines, newspapers and websites".
And a flower picture was published on "the homepage of the Japanese National Agency for Cultural Affairs".

The Subjects of Pictures

The main photogenic subjects are natures(sky/sea/water/flower/plant/snow/mountain).
And there are pictures of cities, landscapes, buildings, rooms, interiors, sports, animals and miscellaneous.
There are more than 300 images that were taken in Tokyo.

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